Catches Lake Foxen sweden

2022 Lake Foxen
      Team Gunnar Knappe Germany,
      Pike-Perch (Zander) of 82 cm and 5.5 kg.
      Famely "Silke (116,108, and 103 cm Pike) and Ronny" (100 cm Pike),
      Germany, in september 2022.

2022 Lake Foxen
      Team "Florian" France.
 2021 Lake Foxen
      Until June 12, "Team Nils Toebben" Germany be back, and leads again 2021,
      the largest pike caught was 130 cm!

In addition to that a lot of nice catches, congratulations!2020 Lake Foxen

     "Team Nils Toebben" Germany leads this year's catches with 5 Pike between       
     110 - 131 cm in 2020 (until the beginning of September)! Fantastic catches of
     pike but also fine pikeperch, congratulations!


     And a lot more...


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