Fishing & fantastic nature experience in Sweden near the Lake Foxen - Stora Le 

    Boat with motor and canoe are included in all the cottage rent.                            Boat Linder 440, canoe Linder 525.

    Novasol house number: S45939, S45003, S45519, S73110 and S73126.  

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                                    Houses for booking

     Available for rent 2023:

   - Bed linen and towels cost 30 Euro/ person.
   - An extra boat rent (Linder 440 with 4 hp, or Linder 400 with 20 hp motor)
      costs 240 Euro - 380 Euro/ week.    
   - Electric boat motor with battery costs 50 Euro/ week.
   - Portable sonar / fishfinder costs 40 Euro/ week.
   - Air rifles with shooting targets costs 40 Euro/ week.

    Reservations made through

    Click on the picture and see our tenants' large catches of Pike!

    Fishing licenses cost 50 Euro / week 2023.
    Buy your  fishing license online , you get the license as SMS and email in 

    Fishing rules, click here.

    The region is rich with berries and mushrooms; you even get to see elks here.

    Our 5 cottages are located in:
    Östra Viker, Årjäng / Töcksfors, Sweden.
    See our house through Novasol S45003, S45519, S73110, S73126 and S45939,
    all within a kilometer, with at most 30 meters to the lake Foxen
    Guided Horseback Tours Through Glaskogen´s Nature Reserve:
    For more info. text sms to +70 3150 216 or email
    Adress: Lenungen Nytomta, 670 20 Glava (Arvika) 34 min - 40 km.
    Map and GPS coordinates.

   There are two shopping centers in Töcksfors, both are amazing.


  Winter Activities

             Skating on the lake Foxen                            Fishing on the lake Foxen. 
           And it is nice to ski on the lake when the ice has formed with snow on.

       Årjängs ski opens 2017-02-11, Phonenumber: +46(0)573-711 990

Ski Sunne
       Valfjället Ski, 64 km.                                   Sunne Ski, 112 km,   Webcam.

       Årjäng: The Bath House, here you can also lifting weights  in the gym.
       Phonenumber: +46(0)573-14 280 and +46(0)573-14 281
       The Bath House is now closed on Sundays.




       *  Fantastic location by the lake Foxen, Novasol S73110

       *  Private boat? Drive it down on our boat ramp. Watch this film clip
           with a boat launch. 

       *  Enjoy the canoe you have at the cottage

       *  Fishing for pike in Foxen

       *  Pike 13,8 kg in Foxen

       *  Fishing for perch in Foxen

       *  Extraordinary white moose takes a dip in Swedish lake near ours houses.

       *  Moose swim in Lake Foxen

       *  Moose calling

       *  Lake Foxen viewed from a drone, 4K movie.